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Why I hate femnazis and sexist bastards

Ishtar is the root of my hate towards them... that fiend raped me, held me hostage, tortured me, kept me away from my husband and kids, starved me, took my clothed, chained me, burned me, and for what? Because people loved my singing so much that I was considered one of the best singers!

So she cursed my right eye which in sinc also cursed my twin sister's left eye! She also cursed my children making it so they always were shorter and never could grow up fully thus making my poor triplet children the first dwarf royal angels..

She also fought with my husband Marduk a few times...

She also stole my singing talent with her evil magic! She took something part of me, part of who I am! OUT OF ENVY AND HATE! She's the only fallen angel to exist and only one to ever exist!

And you know what femnazi cunts do?! The little sexist cunts think all females are victims, males are evil, and worship that evil bitch!

That bitch also is a treasonist and has worked with the defect humans[[the ancestors to current humans]] and reptilian aliens and caused all those illegal man made cults to exist!

All those wars on Earth, all those murders, all that hate, death, destruction, all that is because of the Goddess of All Things Evil, Ishtar and those femnazi cunts play her as some kinda victim!

You thought Hitler was bad? Hitler was nothing compared how evil Ishtar is! That sentence alone should help you all realize how bad Ishtar really is and why I hate her and femnazis!

Femnazis are often homophobic too! Irony as they crybaby when guys love each other but claim bullshit like penis + vagina = rape isn't it?

They are nothing but savage hateful ass sexist cunts who deserve to be attacked, brutally beaten, and hated! Anyone who defends and evil bastard like Bitchtar doesn't deserve to live!

As life and death are a few of my many domains, I am in charge in deciding if someone lives or dies, so you may wanna know your place aren't higher then any other race out there, as you broke Universal Laws, so break the laws you obviously aren't gonna get any nice treatment, respect, etc just like criminals wouldn't get any on Earth..

Ishtar only cares about herself! She's selfish, evil, narcissistic, hateful, sadistic, she loves torturing innocent people, she's cruel and mean, she has never been kind to any soul!

She turned against our whole family! Our father! Our grandparents! Spreading lies to make us look bad and her look like a perfect flawless innocent female who could do no wrong!

Made humans think I was some minor deity[[I'm a very important one being the Messiah]] and some egostical jerk who was enjoying myself on her throne! When I was actually waiting for her worried because despite her treatment towards me, I still didn't understand why half sister behaved like it was not normal at all for her to behave as such and thought she was sick or something..

And she sicks my demons on me! Of course my demons disobeyed that bitch comforted and reasoned with me instead and took my to the Underworld on my own will as I would be safer there!

Which isn't dying as the Underworld is another dimension aka another Universe and multi dimension beings can travel to anf from easily and happened in the Spring not the Autumn or Winter!

Worse as she made my precious demons look bad! My demons are kind, loving, and protective creatures! All angels expect her love them!

My species never acted like she does, and that us why she is a fallen angel! She's a fiend who makes the rest of us look bad!

Now the Cosmos is in danger along with every single life in this Universe that could not escape the Universe is in danger of extinction because of her, the reptilians, and the defects humans who's evil has even spread into modern humans!

The whole reason I'm in thus undead vessel is because of her! All the evil on Earth, those three parties are linked to it! All my suffering...links to those parties as well..

My life isn't a game, I didn't choose to be born what I go through it anyways because evil villainesses like her need to be put to a stop once and for all!

I have seen all kinds of hellish things in my life since that day through multiple vessels to help me see and make my final judgement to decide the actions that have to be done on Judgement Day..

Words of Wisdom & Truth

Be truthful and admit your flaws, do not be afraid to admit what you were born as or your true age, as the truth will exposes those who are truly bad and you must stand strong against them!

Never give up! Trust your instincts! Those are words my great-thousands-grandma Cosmin have told me! He taught me that to prepare me for the fight against all enemies!

Words of Wisdom

As an expert on demons, and how demons is also one of my domains, I know how they act, how they look, what they do, as I have a eternal bond with them! They protect me, I am their master! None of my precious demons are online, sorry! They would inform me offline if they decided to make accounts on here! So no one on dA is a demon nor do any of those fake demons even know what an actual demon is as no demon would attack their master! I'm their master which means I'm their boss! They would never attack any other royal angel either and I only know of one other besides me on here so far that is a member of my kind, so yeah sorry this isn't a kiddy zone for child's play!

Shamballa is the true name of Sumer, another thing Asians clearly took with them when they headed east.

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Sometimes I dream about the forest..

Journal Entry: Sat May 27, 2017, 12:34 PM

Sometimes in the future on Camelot Island....sometimes in the past in the long gone junglelike forest marsh of Mesopotamia where I played as a young kitten,..

Sometimes in the far future far after the war when I'm playing around having fun and sometimes sleeping in the trees..

I miss being in a forest..I prefer being surrounded by trees, plants, my animal friends, my demon friends, flowers, a gentle breeze, pretty rocks, and lots of green and nature..lakes in the distance, rivers, mountains, beautiful's where I feel happy...

  • Listening to: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - Treasured Memories
  • Drinking: Coffee, Cold Coffee


Sometimes I dream about the forest..

Journal Entry: Sat May 27, 2017, 12:34 PM

Sometimes in the future on Camelot Island....sometimes in the past in the long gone junglelike forest marsh of Mesopotamia where I played as a young kitten,..

Sometimes in the far future far after the war when I'm playing around having fun and sometimes sleeping in the trees..

I miss being in a forest..I prefer being surrounded by trees, plants, my animal friends, my demon friends, flowers, a gentle breeze, pretty rocks, and lots of green and nature..lakes in the distance, rivers, mountains, beautiful's where I feel happy...

  • Listening to: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - Treasured Memories
  • Drinking: Coffee, Cold Coffee

Why are we piting these savages again?

Journal Entry: Sat May 27, 2017, 12:27 PM

Why is anyone feeling sorry for Christians in Africa again? :/ Let them get slain by Isis, seriously the assholes even slaughter helpless children using their evil book of lies to justify! Why pity a bunch of child murders? 

Seriously this is one of the many reasons I hate Africa is because of all that war, hate, barbaric and senseless bloodshed, crimes, they are so third world and mentally delusional over there..  I swear so many people seem to think they are on top of shit when they aren't, like sorry but Asians are way more closer to the gods and just barely anyways.. And by Asians I mean the most advanced Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, etc since there is no denying Seoul and Tokyo are like Future City, even more so on Seoul far as I know but yeah my kind are most advanced race in the Multiverse, so savage barbaric people from Africa are the opposite.. plus Nibirians can't even have under our fur? White as white as snow literally and exactly.. It's just how our body works nothing wrong with that...

But anyway enough of that part[[Many Africans on Youtube comment section typically are racist as hell based on experiance so hence comment since they think they have the roght to blackwash my family and I's names like the bunch of selfish bastards they are when they behave as'd be annoyed too if someone tried to race bend your fmaily to make their own race look superior when they are far from it.. So no offense but no human race better then any other...]] it kinda shows how blind people are to the facts and ignore and pretend Christianity never did anything bad when they did far worse damage then all the other cults combined and lie their asses off trying to play innocent! Thankfully they can't hide history of what happened in wars, etc no matter what those Christarded pigs want to hide to spread their lies.. 

Sorry Christards but history proves your mentally insane and delusional lies are just what they are! Lies and denial of how vile your cult really is! 

I've seen news Christards in the USA still slaughtering for their hate cult, screaming hate at everyone, acting like their Freedom of Religion only applies to their beliefs, attack everyone else trying to shut them up and screech telling them no one wants to hear their beliefs but hypocritically and egotistically gloat and demand everyone worship their tyrianical asses! Christianity only got this powerful because of fear they spread and lied saying everyone against them goes to their imaginary hell which they wish everyone else they don't approve of gets torture and suffering for all eternity for going against their imaginary god! They also take everyone elses rights away like the uncivil pigs they really are! You know what kinda people use fear, lies, hate, murder, racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, enslavement, to gain power? Terrorists! 

Thankyfully Christianity's vile reign of terror will end on Judgement Day when they face total judgement for their crimes and their lies exposed when the truth is spread world wide.. after that the world we be a better place after this planets last war.. no one has to suffer anymore... 

Background by Shimaira
  • Drinking: Coffee, Cold Coffee…

^ Oh look.. another example of Christards murdering for their hate cult..
Ya know..I can't wait for Judgement Day..I said it a lot..but I wanna get things over with so it's pretty understable, right?

I'll see my family again and things will finally get better and happy again~Allen Smile Icon [Icon] Break Xerxes 

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PrinceDumuzi's Profile Picture
Dumuzi Aeolus Aisha Nibiru
I will never fall to the likes of any human, as in the end I will always be the winner as I stay true to myself, pure hearted, follow the rules and laws, have true honour and loyalty, and work hard to protect life and make sure life can even have a future!

I don't respect criminals, so you are in no place to demand respect from who is member of the Universal Council, the highest authority in the Multiverse! So demanding anything from me is something only a fool would do! Sorry humans, but the Council isn't favouring you and will never bow down to you species! You will not enslave any alien races and you will go down for the crimes you have commited and that is fair as no one gets away with breaking the laws! Crime doesn't pay! So in due time, head my warnings as you will get what is coming to you! I am hear to teach the truth and warn others of their fate! I have to do this job, even if it hurts me over and over... I'm not selfish and cowardly at all, but selfless and brave.

I follow rules and laws, which says a lot compared to many humans on the site acting like they can break rules and such! I obey site rules which shows even though I'm a god, I still respect site rules made by humans as I have to stay put till I am taken by my father when the time comes.

I have suffered so much in my long life.. I have been through the worst things such as fighting in wars, rape, tortured, enslaved, burned, taken from my loved ones, forced into a marriage[[my demons saved me thankfully]], starved, forced to wear no clothes, and stuck in a body having to kill an innocent child to use.

I have many regrets in my life, and do feel guilty when I do something wrong and admit my flaws. As a truthteller I put myself in danger for the truth to get out as my job is something only someone like me and only me could do as I highly doubt anyone else coud stay strong after the hell I've been through and still smile and be kind to those who deserve it.

I have two wonderful loving dogs who stay by my side whom I love very much. I care more for the dogs then I do myself a lot of the times and often worry about others and get nervous sometimes even around my own friends as I care about their feelings and how they feel.

I have protocols, so I have to be harsh.

I am loyal to my father King Enki, Nibiru, my people, my family, my demons, the Universal Council, etc, and I have gone through special training for my job. As a knight of the Universal Council, and a prince I cannot let those who break Universal Laws to get away...

The consequences for letting one get away would cause thousands elsewhere to die.. So not even one can I make an acception for.. it's hard on me too but that is why I am so strict and quick to tell off anyone who breaks the laws.. it would be mean of me to let those other lives die just to let one baddie get away.. betrayals hurt the worst though..been through so many due to my kindness...

The path I take leads to many sorrows, heartbreaks, tragedies, and bloodsheds.. but I choose to go along as I have too as it is my destiny and the prophecies made by my ancestors are true, and I have to protect all those lives counting on me..

No matter how many tears I shed and how much I shed, I will never fall and will keep getting back up till this last war on Earth has ended and then I can finally rest and be happy.

Words of Wisdom

Always follow the laws and rules, do not challange authorities as right now you would not be able to do anything and you would only get hurt! Do not worry your family and friends!

Take wise actions and be patient!

There are others who are on the job, even the most unlikely that humanity have never expected are on the job to take down evil doers, so please listen, stay safe, and keep quiet and peaceful! I would hate seeing more and more tragedies be far more common...

Words of Wisdom

People can say things they don't mean when angry, as such they are not true to themselves, so do not judge someone based on how you see them as angry, as deep down that person isn't as bad as you think! A example is myself, as I admit my faults and admit I feel bad when I yell at others but atleast it is for the right reasons even if you may not understand!

Words of Wisdom

A person who was alive and around at the time and have witnessed certain events is certainly going to know what truly happened back then compared to someone who was born long after such event happened! So no need to be angered over such! If you do, you are the fool here!

Gods cannot follow man-made religions

Why the fuck would an actual real living breathing god worship a non-existant one? That'd be against Universal Laws, and not to mention calling us atheists makes you look like a mentally ill retard who cannot get a reality check, as atheists don't believe in the existance of gods, magic, psychic powers, spirituality, demons, etc, so fuck off with your retarded stupidity, humans! Calling me that is like claiming a human doesn't believe humans exist, proving your stupidity is high!

I'm a god aka royal angel! I have countless demons for friends whom I treat with care and love! I have psychic and magical abilities, so how the actual fuck would you think I was some dumbass atheist moron? Atheists ironically don't realize magic and science are hand and hand things as my father rules over both!


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